sheraton reactive frieze

responsive space

We worked in collaboration with R.E.D at Rockwell Group to reimage the lobby of the Toronto City Center Sheraton. It was a prototype constructed in 2007, be on the lookout for North American rollout.

Because the lobby is a 24 hour public space (feel free to visit) the reactive frieze changes based on time of day and guest interaction. A row of 48 sonar (think bats) sensors detect objects underneath and activate animation in the projection. Spanning across 75' it acts as lighting to the space as well.

a collaborative effort by

James Tichnor, Joshua Walton, TSFIM, R.E.D. at Rockwell Group

Animated buildings, news, and photos stream across 8 monitors for guests near the check-in. Custom software was written to seemlessly and speedily move elements across the monitors.

A little diversion mounted on the wall. This piece depicts the guest in real time as clouds floating in the sky. This was conceived as a platform for showing many types of reactive mirrors.